Monday, August 10, 2015

Ireland's Colcannon-Potatoes and Cabbage

Cabbage is a leafy green full of vitamin K and C.  Many people are not aware of its great nutrient properties.  Studies have shown it has great antioxidant properties to help fight against free radicals.  it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.   Cabbage also helps heal stomach ulcers and the overall health of the digestive tract.  The high fiber content of cabbage helps with digestion and also lowering of cholesterol benefiting the cardiovascular system.  

I personally am not a huge cabbage fan,  however this Irish recipe is delicious.  The addition of the potatoes and bacon are a great complement to the leafy green.  And if you want to cut down on the carbs, you can eat the cabbage by itself without the potatoes and it tastes just as good.

Ireland’s Colcannon – potatoes and cabbage

4 slices of turkey bacon, diced
1 small green cabbage, shredded
1 leak, chopped
3 lb potatoes, peeled and cubed
¾ cup warm buttermilk

In a large pot place potatoes in water to where it barely covers the top.  Boil until tender, about 12 minutes. 
Meanwhile, in large skillet cook bacon until done.  Drain fat.   Remove bacon and set aside.
Add cabbage and leaks.  Cook until tender. 
Once potatoes are done, drain the potatoes and add butter milk.  Mash the potatoes until smooth.
Stir in cabbage mixture and sprinkle with bacon.

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