Friday, March 20, 2015

Buy Fresh, Buy Local, Shop at Farmer's Market!!!

Farmer's Markets are gaining in popularity across the US.  With more people on the path to a healthier lifestyle, farmer's markets are apart of the solution to a healthier America. 
There are many perks to shopping regularly at farmer's markets. 
1.) You will be helping local farmers stay in business. 
2.) Sometimes the produce you come across is so unique you cannot get it at any super market. 
3.) You also tend to come across booths of other home made goodies such has homemade soaps,  baskets, and cooked foods. 
4.)Many times it is also cheaper to buy from farmer's markets especially when purchasing foods that are in season. 
5.)   Many farmer's markets have other programs available for the family including garden workshops,  festivals,  and kids activities.
6.)  Farmer's markets tend to help the community through programs such as the WIC program and the Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program where individuals are given coupons to use to get fresh produce.
7.)  It is a cool experience overall shopping in an old fashion way with your family.
Here is a SUPER LARGE CARROT found at a farmer's market in Miami, FL.
I don't even know what this is but it looked cool!!! 
Another mysterious tropical fruit I never seen before at the Farmer's Market in Miami. 
Some people make candy out of this fruit.
My sister showing how big the avocado is. She is ready to eat it!!!
Why do you go to Farmer's Markets? Share below so we can help spread the movement and help encourage more people to buy local!!

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